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About Our Classes

Check the schedule to see which class works for your schedule!
Yoga by the Sea
Yoga Workout: 60 Minutes

Combining meditation and physical movement, this Hatha Yoga Class employs various yoga poses, breathing exercises, and control. Expect to break a sweat, but to leave feeling calm and at one with yourself.

Yoga on the Beach
Sunset Yoga: 60 Minutes

Nothing's more breathtaking than a Florida sunset. While the work day rarely gives us a minute to breathe, these classes are the perfect end to any hectic day. Expect Hatha and Vinyasa flows, stretching, and controlled breathing. 

Yoga on the Beach
Full Moon Yoga: 60 Minutes

The full moon provides one of the most spectacular backdrops for a Yoga class. If you're lucky, you may even catch the sea turtles hatching in the summer too! We hold these classes once a month around the full moon.

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